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Rapid Antigen Test and QR code verification

MY TRAVEL TEST is a complete at-home COVID Testing Kit and Online Verification service designed to get you tested and certified as testing negative in under 30 minutes; whether you need an at-home Fit to Fly Test* or a Test to Return to UK Kit to take abroad, or you simply like having a test in your bathroom cabinet for when you next need it. Please note - this test is not yet approved for New Day 2 Lateral Flow testing. It is not a Day 2 PCR Test.

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Test to Return

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 Fit to Fly*

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Not all destinations accept Rapid Antigen Tests for entry - please check carefully on the Foreign Travel Advice website before ordering.



From 4th October, all unvaccinated travellers intending to enter the UK must show a Certified Negative Rapid Antigen Test Result taken before Departure.

Finding a test provider in the country you're visiting can be stressful and confusing. With MY TRAVEL TEST, you can buy a testing kit before leaving in the country, pack it in your luggage and enjoy your holiday knowing your Test to Return can be taken when and where you like, with a result certificate available in minutes.

My Travel Test Test to Return from Holiday

Wondering where to buy a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test? 



My Travel Test at home testing kit

Test at Home

No need to visit a clinic in the UK or abroad - MY TRAVEL TEST can be used for Fit to Fly or to Test to Return.

My Travel Test QR Code Test Verification

QR Codes in Kit

Everything you need is included in the kit packaging - your test, QR codes and full instructions. 

My Travel Test Online Certification

Certificate Within Minutes

Certificates within 15 minutes - take in your own time with no anxious wait for your certificate to arrive.

My Travel Test Video Verification

Photo/Video Verification

No need to book a Zoom call with a Doctor, simply photograph and video your testing process when it suits you.

My Travel Test - Test at Home Kit


'Fit to Fly' tests can be expensive, especially if you need to travel to visit a testing clinic. If the destination you are travelling to accepts Rapid Antigen Tests (also called Lateral Flow Tests), you can use MY TRAVEL TEST to take your Fit to Fly to in the comfort of your own home. Our Online Certification service, powered by FasterChecks, delivers Fit to Fly Certificates in minutes with no requirement to book an online time-slot with a Doctor. Remember to check if your destination accepts Rapid Antigen Test.



My Travel Test Rapid Antigen Test Kit Contents


1 x Rapid Antigen Test Kit
1 x Instructions Sheet with Antigen Test Advice
1 x Activation Card with personal QR Code

* not all overseas destination accept Rapid Antigen Tests for entry, please check  carefully before booking.

An internet connection is required to submit your results.

£29 + £7.50 postage and packaging



How Does the Verification Process Work?

Before you take your Rapid Antigen Test, you're required to take a photograph of your blank testing strip. You must video yourself taking the test and take a photograph of your test result after the 15 minute development time has elapsed. Your results will then be verified and your certificate will be emailed to you. The Quick Start Guide in your testing kit contains full instructions for the testing and verification process. 

When Will I Get My Certificate?

If you have completed all the steps correctly and your test is negative, your results will be emailed to you directly after you have submitted your results - typically within 30 minutes.

Is this a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test?

At this time this testing kit is not approved for Day 2, 5 or 8 testing, however when the official government announcement for Day 2 Lateral Flow Tests is made, Private Harley Street Clinic, MY TRAVEL TEST, will put on sale our NEW Day 2 Lateral Flow Test Kit.

Can I Book a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test in  London Clinic?

Yes, you can book a new Day 2 Lateral Flow Test in Clinic in London with Private Harley Street Clinic at the end of October.

Can I Take a Rapid Antigen Test in My Hand Luggage?

We recommend putting your Rapid Antigen Test in your checked baggage - but if you're only taking hand luggage with you, we advise that you open your testing package before passing through security, remove the small liquid vial and place it in your clear plastic bag as part of your liquids allowance, to ensure you don't experience delays at security.

I don't have an iPhone, can I still use this service?

If you are an Apple user, you will get the best experience if you use the app after signing up. You can also use your phone's web browser - and this will still work on iOS and on any other device’s web platform.

Can I use this service using a laptop?

Yes - if you are using a laptop, simply hold the test cassette up to the camera to capture the codes and take a picture. This will suffice for the blank test strip and the result test strip. 

How do I sign up?

When you have your testing kit, you will need to sign up before you take your test. Either scan the first barcode on your activation card or visit this page.

After filling in your details on the sign-up page, you will get an email with a ONE TIME PIN. You need to enter this PIN into the next screen. This is a one-time process only. Please do not click on resend a code too early as you may end up having several PINS sent to your email. Once you have signed up successfully you will end up on the Dashboard. Sign up must be done on the website and NOT the iPhone App.

My QR Code isn't working

You have a QR code on the ACTIVATION card. Make sure you use this card to conduct your test. It will not work if you try the QR code on your INSTRUCTION card side.

Please note, our new style cards have the INSTRUCTION QR code and the ACTIVATION code on the same side. Use INSTRUCTION QR code to go to the correct website to sign up and login, and use the ACTIVATION QR code to activate your test after you have logged in, and started ‘Take a test’. If you're still having difficulties, please email and someone will be in touch to help as soon as possible. 

I don't hasve a QR Code in my kit

In the unlikely event that you find your kit is missing a QR code, please email with:
- Full name of person doing the test
- Date of Birth
- Passport number
- Time of test
- Date of test
- Location of test
- Picture of test strip before and after and confirmation of negative result

My video has timed out or is taking too long

If there was a timeout or technical bug, lost internet connection etc. please email, urgently explaining what went wrong and our team will show you how to fix this issue. 

Where should I record my video?

We recommend taking you video seated in a well lit room with the contents of your kit laid out in front of you. Please watch the how to video and read all the instructions before starting your test. You should be appropriately dressed and upload the testing process only. You do not need to give a commentary of the process.

Can I take my photos and video outside the portal and upload them later?

Please only upload your photo and videos while logged into the portal and connected to the internet. 

What is meant by the term 'test strip'?

The test strip is the plastic cassette that you drop your sample onto. It has a testing window marked with the letters C and T. It looks like this:

Rapid Antigen Test My Travel Test